Ways of upcycling old lip gloss containers


We all have been to a situation where we have countless tubes of lip-gloss containers. If you’re wondering how to utilize the empty lip gloss containers, then you’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, a leftover lip gloss tube can do a lot than you’ve ever thought.

Following are the ways for salvaging your old lip gloss tubes

– You need to mix your lip gloss with the Vaseline by either placing it on the palm of your hand or placing it on a plastic compact by using a lip brush. By mixing the lip gloss on your hand you warm up the product that helps in gliding effortlessly onto your lips.

– Custom color, different lip gloss tubes have different colors of leftover products. By placing either two or more colors on a microwave-safe plate and mixing them, you’ll be able to get a customized color that can be easily placed into any other empty lip gloss tube.

– Take a small-sized lip brush and dip into your lip gloss tube. Allow the brush to try for several seconds so that a product is left with a good consistency level. Then line and fill your lips with the color of your choice. So if you cannot find a liner that matches your lip color splendidly, then you can make a home-made liner that blends seamlessly.

How to get every ounce of lip gloss from the container?

– Cut the fuzzy end of the tip and then scoop the remaining lip gloss out of the tube and place it into a small empty container.

– Point a hairdryer and let the product melt. Always ensure to keep the dryer at least fifteen inches away (a smooth and melty lipstick is needed, not a burnt mess).

– Stir and take out the remaining lip gloss.

– Place the container in the refrigerator and let it chill for a minimum of thirty minutes. You can now use a lip brush for the application of your favorite color.

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