How to reprocess your old empty lip gloss containers?


Lip glosses are included among the crucial makeup products that fall under the category of cosmetics. The makeup look is incomplete without lip glosses. It’s been in trend and it will continue to do so forever and ever. Once you’ve applied a good quantity of lip gloss, you might toss the container or throw it into the trashcan without thinking twice, right? Rather than throwing your old lip gloss packaging into the trashcan, try out new and unique ways to reuse or repurpose the empty lip gloss container. A perk? Numerous lip gloss containers already have cute, stylish, and elegant packaging.

You might think that old lip-gloss tubes are a part of detritus, right? But trust me they aren’t. Think twice before throwing the containers. Once recycled, these tubes can be used efficiently for holding stuff like bobby pins, toothpicks, etc. A perfect storage solution for your purse, no? Since lip gloss containers have a convenient shape and size, you can turn them into any type of emergency sewing kit with few needles, threads, and buttons to be fixed easily. You can also clean the container and make it a picture frame. By adding a few magnets at the back will be able to give you a unique photo decoration piece for the refrigerator instantaneously. 

Containers that once help lip gloss tubes can be used for holding ponies, vitamins, coins for easy access, and organization. Alongside this, if you’re tired of investing and buying makeup, then there’s an immense need for you to commence making your makeup. Empty lip gloss containers can be easily filled with homemade lip balms or lip tints. Just melt down your existing product with either coconut oil or beeswax, then add a dye the way you want like beet juice, non-toxic crayons, and pour it into the clean tin. You just need to clean the greasy residue with wither soup and water, let it dry, and then store it accordingly. You can also make your jar elegant and stylish by wrapping it with pretty scrapbook paper.

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